Featuring Ozark Reseach Institute's Power of Thought School 2022

You still have time to register and attend live in Springdale Arkansas at www.OzarkResearch.org

If you cannot attend live, it will be filmed and available to rent and watch online, or purchase

and download to watch forever on your computer or device. Click here for a pdf flyer with speakers, topics and schedule.

Speakers include Alan Handelsman, Adhi Two Owls, Jeanne Gehringer, Zabe Barnes, Shelly Wilson,

Gladys McCoy, Susan McNeill Spuhler, Bonnie Boyle, & Teresa Wienken.

How it works....

We will not be live streaming this year. We will film it and offer it as VOD (video on demand) after

the school is complete.

You will be able to purchase the entire set of workshops, rent them to watch on line until December 6th,

or you can choose just the individual workshops you want to rent.

Pricing is as follows:

RENT Entire Power of Thought School workshops for $199. USD

PURCHASE the Entire Power of Thought School Workshops for $260. USD

RENT any individual workshop for $25 Each

PURCHASE any individual workshop for $50 Each


All rentals are available to watch 24/7 from September 13th until December 6th

You watch them on line via your computer or device so will need high speed internet to watch easily.


You can purchase here and they will be sent to you via wetransfer for downloading around the 13th of September.

If you want to rent and watch on line, you will need to do that after the live event

once the videos are live. That will happen at www.TsVibes.tv

If you want a reminder the day they become available, go to TsVibes.tv now,
and on the home page you will find at the bottom right on the page
"GET UPDATES" with a black box beside it.
Click in that box and enter your email address,
then click on the white arrow beside it
and we will send you an email when they are available to rent.


So....pre-order below and now - receive the digital downloads in September.
They are yours to watch as long as you keep the files.

Wait until September 13th and purchase them at www.Tsvibes.tv
and download them from that site as soon as you purchase.

Or wait till September 13th and rent to view on line.
Rentals are available from September 13th until December.

Any questions can be sent to me at Faye@TsVibrations.com

Purchase the entire set of workshops. $260



Purchase individual workshops. $50 for the 3 hours workshops, $35 for the 75 minute ones.
Click on drop down to select the name of the presenter you wish to purchase.

Select presenter of workshop

Any questions just drop me an email at


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