Ozark Reseach Institute's Power of Thought School 2022 is no

longer available here.

Watch for the Dowsing and Healing Convention in Spring of 2023.

Fayes TSVibes Sonic Massage with gongs channel is still available to you 24/7.

Give the gift of good vibrations this Christmas. The gift that keeps on giving every day. By the month or by the year.

A friend who I have recommended spend time listening to the gongs for years called last week to discuss some health issues. The most challenging one being waking up in pain after 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night and not being able to go back to sleep. Again I recommended listening to the gongs each night as they were drifting off to sleep. After about 3 days, I received a call saying I can never stay awake thru the entire session, however I slept 7 hours last night and did not wake up in pain! It does not matter if you drift off to sleep as they play, you are still receiving the vibration! Have trouble sleeping? See if they work for you....most people report great results.


Click on image for more information about the channel and subscribe today. Listen to a different one each night, or the same one. Find what works best for you and just relax and enjoy!

Give a subscription for a Christmas gift.... for a month..... or for a year.


Any questions just drop me an email at