Introducing, an OTT Channel available on the internet with GONGS!

I have moved my OTT channel to!

It is live now and I will be adding more videos tomorrow.
So while you wait for the O.R.I. conference to happen and appear on line,
you can enjoy gongs and other videos that help to energize your body.

How it works....

Currently I only have a subscription program.

You get a free 3 day trial when you sign up, and then

you are automatically charged either monthly or

You choose your plan.
Monthly it is $25, annual cost is $225 ($18.75 a month)

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

I currently have 7 videos available. I will add about 7 more

tomorrow. And more each month.

With Sonic Massage, you can listen to the same one over and over.
My recommendation is that you listen to gongs just prior to sleep.
I think you will find you sleep better and wake more energized.
The OTT channel on line allows you to do that daily.

Listen at other times as well. You can watch 24/7 as many times as you like

with your subscription.

subscribe at

I will soon add some classes, those will be available for rent for a specific time
or you will have the option to purchase and download them and have them forever - or as long as you keep up with your file once you download.

So check it out, subscribe today, get your 3 day free trial and if you
do not like it, cancel before the time is up and you will have no charge.
If you do like it, please share the link with your friends.

And I would love to hear your experiences with the gongs.

If you have not checked out the Power of Thought School be sure to do that
before leaving the site. It will be available on September 13th.

Any questions just drop me an email at


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