Featuring Ozark Reseach Institute's Dowsing and Alternative Healing Convention 2023

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Thank you for your interest. Videos will be available beginning May 5th. If you want to purchase, you can preorder. To rent, you must order on or after May 5th at www.TsVibes.tv 

When renting, they are available from the day you rent them until July 25th.  

When you purchase, you can also watch them on line. Before July 25th please click on the button to download and save it to your computer so you have a permanent copy to watch.     

Visit www.OzarkResearch.org for the latest information on ORI

For any questions about how the channel works, or how to download your purchase, please contact Faye.  


Any questions can be sent to me at Faye@TsVibrations.com



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